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1) Innovation and Development

Innovation has been the foundation of Usun (HK) Electronics Limited, to compete in the international market. Innovation is not only showing in the product, but also in the development process, through constant innovation and experiment, this company in the industry to develop quickly.

Usun always focusing on quality assurance. We pay attention to our customers‘ expectations of quality. We continuously improve our system; the ability of our company has been widely recognized by our customers. Integrated management system, in order to continue to improve our company, We are not simple control our products and services, including in the whole management, production and logistics support. We not only meet the requirements of customers, it is beyond the requirements of customers!

2) Enterprise Mission and Value

To create superior technology products and solutions, to develop the best service and comprehensive solutions, to become our customers in the global partner for the goal. Usun (HK) Electronics Limited., constantly innovative technologies and indisputable quality, let us communicate with customers based on absolute transparency and responsibility based on.Convenient for customers provide quality electronic products.

The construction of human resources is our company‘s key, therefore, we provide staff training is based on continuous and professional development, we aware of staff continue to grow, is directly related to our company ‘s future development.

3) Social responsibility

The social responsibility of Usun, refers to the enterprises to create profits for shareholders, bear legal responsibility at the same time, also undertake to employees, customers, community and environmental responsibility. Enterprise society responsibility requires the enterprise must go beyond the profit as the only goal of the traditional philosophy, not only responsible for the shareholders, but also to other to contribute to enterprise or business activities affect stakeholders. As a PCB manufacturer, since the company inception, over these years, we always with a heart of gratitude return society..risk. Once we have received your information, we do employ security features to try to prevent unauthorised access.